2 major daily routines for those who want to (or already) work from home online!

This article most likely applies to those who are working online from home.

It’s such a great thing to build your business from home right? You can do whatever you want, no bosses, no commitment!!! Yaaay!!

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

There are quite some major guidelines you have to take very seriously to make money from the comfort of your home, let me give you some examples.

Get up early

If you sleep until 10 am, your whole day is basically trash because by the time you make some “breakfast” and clear your head out it's almost lunchtime. Your levels of productivity are already down to 50%. From this topic alone I could make a separate article.

The outfit is crucial

Don’t be in your pajamas all day! I know it’s comfortable, but you have to treat your business more seriously! Being in your pajamas all day will definitely affect your mind and thinking.

Just think about it: how can you be serious with your business if you are not even serious with yourself? I’m going to say something now, you might think I’m crazy, or that’s too much for you to take in:

If you want to have a productive day, even if you do everything online, dress up as if you were going to a business meeting with serious buyers or business partners!

BTW: this is helping you to program your subconscious mind! It is going to tell your brain to act more focused, and trust me YOU WILL BE MORE PRODUCTIVE!

Misbelief: you can wear your sweatpants every day in your home online business.

So not true! You know why? Because even if you have an online business and you work from home, you have to show everyone around you that you are a professional in your field! Even if you are selling a digital product, or you are an affiliate, or part of a network company, even if you are trading stocks every day, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP AS A PRO.

This also gives a high level of commitment, much more motivation, and it lifts your mind to way higher productivity levels.

Maybe you had the feeling (I know I had) that you knew what to do, but you were just so comfortable in your pajamas or you were just lazy and still doing every other unimportant stuff that doesn't even matter, but deep inside you knew there are things to be done, progress to be made. And a voice always told you “sure I’ll do it later or tomorrow, easy peasy.” And then, your day goes by, you play with your phone, or computer, you are watching TV and dreaming… dreaming… dreaming… and just dreaming about your goals.

This goes on for some time, and you are not making money, not making progress, you are losing faith and eventually, you’ll quit, and maybe go to find a 9 to 5 job or whatever.

Maybe you are now in a state of mind of starting an online business, maybe you already have started. Great, so here is the deal:

Read the Miracle Morning from Hal Elrod,


Get up early, get dressed up properly like a pro in your field, and keep radiating confidence to everyone around you! Let them think and ask you “Hey, what is it you’re doing?”

Even if you just go down to buy groceries at the local store in the morning, GET DRESSED LIKE A PRO!