7 Secrets to Increase Your Facebook Reach

I started my online business from scratch! I didn’t have any product nor service. I was also suffering from desperation because I was so committed to make a living from “the comfort of my home”, I decided to try all kinds of online income solutions including all the crazy stuff. I have fallen into the trap of giving some money to so-called online money-making services and “funds” (now I know they are just called HYIP, but I call them scammers). You may have seen those as well: “No Recruiting! No Marketing! No Nothing! Just deposit $100 and you make $2000 every day!!!” Yeah I know, I was stupid but that was many years ago. I’ve also tried the stock exchange! Needless to say, I’ve lost it all, multiple times.

So as the result of my desperation I have ended up with little or no money… “How should I make a future online if I can’t even pay my bills?” - I’ve asked myself…

After tons of research, I finally found something that’s not just helping me to be an online entrepreneur, but I can also help many people with my offer. I was so excited because I wanted to spread the word to everyone about my product and service, I wanted everyone to know what I know! (Btw: I’m doing a separate post about that)

BUT I knew I don’t have the money (yet) to pay for advanced marketing campaigns, so one of my mentors let me into some life-changing secrets about how to “spread the word (my word)” through social media FOR FREE!

I was so satisfied with the results at a certain point, I said to myself “I may have cracked the code”.

I couldn’t even reason with it, it was so obvious: I had no money for a fancy website or marketing, but I had the “solution”. So, since having a Facebook account is free, I had to start there.

So I started applying a very simple 7 step strategy, that helped me to build up buyers and business partners in just a few weeks! This was insane! I never even thought that this could be done just by applying a few simple steps! People started to engage with me about my business and I didn’t spend a dime!

Since that day I am doing the same things constantly, and Facebook is rewarding me with people who are already curious about what I know, and they want my service! These techniques are updated for 2021 and are working on the well knows social media platforms as well.

Feel free to download it and trust me, If you apply these methods, your online presence will escalate exponentially!