How I Got Confronted With Type 2 Diabetes...

➡️Diabetes is mostly the result of faulty cell functioning. Everything can relate back to the cells in our body. I remember years ago when my father was suddenly starting to face the effects of type 2 diabetes… He suddenly put on weight, always got very tired, and sleepy, weak… and several other symptoms came up… He also got depressed.

It was bad… The doctors gave him some “business medicine” and said he needs to go into treatment and prepare to take insulin. 🏥

It was shocking because I was 32 years old at that time, and I’ve started to notice some of the same side effects on me as well. I know for example that I was eating a huge amount of sweets, and gained over 40 lbs of weight in just a year.

So my father’s case really enlightened me that I have to take action as well.

BUT! In my whole life, I was against business medicine. I definitely wasn’t an expert but I knew that business medicine is only for “surface treatment”. Don’t get me wrong I have huge respect for doctors, but I was always a believer in the theory that there is a much easier and effective way to cure ourselves from many diseases.

I always believed that we have the ability to cure ourselves❗ YES❗ Not just by meditating, but there is a scientifically proven way coded in our physical body that we can cure ourselves❗

What I discovered at that time is HUGE❗ Actually, the realization was shocking for me❗

What I’m talking about is cellular health. I’m just gonna write it down again: cellular health❗ I want you to feel the power of it: cellular health❗

Our body is able to overcome almost everything if our cells are functioning the right way❗❗ (Except for genetically inherited diseases).

➡️So let’s simplify type 2 diabetes (short version): If our cells are dysfunctional, sugar (glucose) can’t get into the core of the cell. If it can’t get into the cell, it stays in the blood and this gives a message to the brain to instruct the pancreas not to produce more insulin! And this is how insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) is created!

So my father was facing type 2 diabetes, and more or less it seemed like I was going to have problems as well.

I don’t know what you believe in…? God? Universe? Maybe nothing. I do believe there is something beyond, and I always lived my life like this, so while me and my father were struggling with these symptoms, it was already one year passed since one of my friends started to pitch me with an opportunity called Health Protocol. She was always calling me and texting me, emailing me about a “miracle method” that helped many people to defeat different kinds of diseases. And I always shook her off with an excuse...

But in my desperation, I gave her a shot and met with those people who are healed by this Health Protocol… and there came my second shock💡: it was all about how to heal our cells!💡 A super simple way that is available to anyone! My mind was blown away!😲 I joined a group of people and I realized that tens of thousands are already using this method! WOW!

➡️Type 2 Diabetes is just one of the many things that this Health Protocol can reduce and heal!

➡️Needless to say, after 6 months, my father had no symptoms, his sugar levels are fine, he doesn’t have high blood pressure anymore, and feels young again.

My hunger for sweets has gone, dropped down 25 lbs almost instantly, I can sleep much better, and no more depression. And I could go on and on...

And this was the reason why I joined this group because since then I helped dozens of people to overcome different kinds of health issues.💪👍

This is not just a job for me, it gave me a profession, to be a gatekeeper for this method and it started my online presence as well.🙏🤳👏🙌

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