It has never been so easy to make money from the comfort of your home!

I remember back in the days we had to travel day by day a lot when we wanted to do a business presentation. I started in networking business in 2006 and although there were mobile phones and fancy laptops, there were still not enough software or fast enough internet to hold a meaningful online conference. So the next best thing was to make actual physical gatherings and meeting with our teammates face to face. Needless to say it was a much more slower process than nowadays. I was spending more time in my car than at home that’s for sure. Of course we had results, but much slower than today, with the technology available.

I’m not saying that you don’t ever have to travel to anyone in person, NO. I’m just saying that you have to leverage the newest techniques to keep up with the industry. It’s still important to show up everywhere you can in person and you also have to show confidence, you need people to see that you are taking your business seriously, but this is a whole other topic, I’ll talk about it in Mondays live cast on my page.

So, should you have to start self-branding? Yes! Self-branding! Because this is the key today if you are in the networking business! So, I’m not saying the following tools are a must, but they sure help you out to be taken more seriously by “outsiders” ->

  • You definitely need a blog, because that is so much essential to keep every information about you in one place, plus you can form it however you want it. Now there are free blogs and the ones you have to pay for. But don’t worry, there are many cheap and reliable service providers out there.

  • You should also have a domain name. It is essential in the long term. Not necessary at the very beginning but as time goes by you'll need to invest to one. You can have one at Godaddy from $10 per year, so it’s still not that big of an expense.

  • You need an autoresponder service implemented to your blog, because that is the tool you need to collect leads, and to keep in touch with your audience. There are providers who also let you have a free plan for a certain amount of subscribers. So basically it’s also cheap.

And of course but not least, get to know Zoom Meeting better, and learn more about social media.

If you don’t want (or you don’t have anything) to invest into these services, you can always use Facebook to “spread the word”. You can use Facebook pages, Groups, and interact with others in groups that are relevant to your business, but that is also another topic.

There is very simple FREEBIE for you to download where I let you know much more about the base concepts of starting online.

I hope I gave you some useful information, and remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more topics need to be covered if you want to start earning fast.

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Have a great day!