The Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes + The Solution

Insulin resistance is the condition during which insulin is unable to connect itself to cell receptors. Insulin is a key player in developing type 2 diabetes, a condition during which the glucose-insulin system doesn't function correctly.

Imagine a key trying to slip into a lock in a door. If the lock is jammed... say, with a touch of chewing gum... the key cannot get in. There's nothing wrong with the key and nothing wrong with the lock. But before the key can get in, the lock has got to be cleaned out.

One of the most reasons for insulin resistance is having cell 'doors' that are jammed.

The foods you eat are mostly a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in various proportions. a bit of meat, for instance, contains mostly protein and fats. Vegetables like potatoes contain many carbohydrates.

When you digest a bit of food, it's broken down into its main components... carbs, proteins, and fats. These components are then broken down further in your digestive system and released into your blood-stream which delivers them around your body.

Your energy comes from glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar. But it's your body's primary source of energy!

Glucose is the fuel for your cells... it powers your movements, thoughts, and almost everything else you are doing.

In order to power your cells, glucose has got to get into them. It can only do that with the assistance of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone (a sort of chemical). it's produced by your pancreas. The pancreas releases insulin into your bloodstream where it travels around your body and meets up with glucose on an equivalent trip. The aim of insulin is to enable glucose to enter your cells.

To do this, insulin attaches itself to a receptor within the surface of the cell. This causes the cell membrane to permit glucose to enter the cell. The cell can then use glucose as its fuel.

If the insulin doesn't do its job of 'opening the cell door' for glucose, the glucose won't be able to get into the cell... and therefore the cell will run out of fuel leaving the blood with high levels of sugar.

So the goal is to open up the “cell doors” to make sure glucose gets into the cell core! And this goal is the key to cure and prevent ourselves from type 2 diabetes.

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