Why We Fail & Struggle Online?

I hope you don’t have any success in your online business! I hope you are frustrated! I bet you suffered from disappointment, maybe lost your fate in your business… Good!

There are several reasons why you might not be successful with your business online… Because everyone is dreaming about how awesome would it be to have a successful online passive income right? How easy, how simple… just sit back and wait for the dough to flow in every day.

Just to make it clear, the internet (Facebook included) is filled up with get-rich-quick scammers… Most of those are pyramid schemes btw.

I have wasted my time trying to pitch my family and friends with all the offers in the world, I was trying to promote everything back in the days. I have also wasted my money on useless advertising with all the outdated techniques. And was absolutely fed up with all the scammy online offers that are saying to “deposit $100 and you can make $10000 in 24 hours guaranteed!” It was just too much. It was too much for me to only dream of the lifestyle that the great “gurus” were promoting in social media.

Most of them were just trying to sell an online course that helps you get rich in 30 days or less. If you didn’t realize it yet, after you made the purchase of a high ticket course you’ll be left alone forever. Period. I still feel nauseous when I think about all those offers. They are all the same!

Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with dreaming big, that’s a must, but I do have a problem with overpromising and under-delivering.

I can tell you right here, right now that if you are frustrated in your networking business it’s because your upline didn’t help you! Or, you think you are Don Quijote and can fight against the world alone. Oh and most importantly you won’t make it too far without actual real help.

Myth: you can be successful online from a single know-how course without any human follow-up, intervention, or coaching.

Okay okay, I agree that maybe 1% of those Don Quijote’s can really make it to the top alone, but chances are really high that most of us end up in the other 99%.

If you’re not working with an E-Commerce business, you are most likely partnering up with an affiliate or networking offer. Except if you promote your own brick and mortar business.

So there you are hovering around with your dreams of how to prosper online and no one is “holding your hand”. No wonder sooner or later you’re going to think that all the online money making myth is just a scam.

Okay so here it is, I’m going to be straightforward with you:

I’m not a marketing guru or a monthly seven-figure earner, but after years of frustration, I have managed to make a steady living from my home business with the help of my network marketing company.


I’m doing free training on how you can re-wrap your business online!

What are the tools that are absolutely free or cost nearly less than a cup of coffee to get your business stand out from the crowd and have prospects be interested in what you do from your first day!

Didn’t find an ideal offer that suits every person on the planet? It doesn’t exist, but I can give you the nearest one.

Listen, let’s get down to the real thing: you want to make money online and I do as well. Let me show you a technique of how it is possible to earn up to $1000 in your first 30 days and more than double it in your second one. In my group, we average over a 5 figure income per month btw.

You need an offer Free training Proof of how you can make money And you need a team Yes You need a team So let’s connect here, and if you don’t like what I have to say, I can still pass you my “7 Secrets to Increase Your Facebook Reach” pdf that helped me to build up an instant team of buyers and business partners in 30 days, without spending a dime

Let’s do this, what can you lose?