Wednesday, November 2, 2022

To All The People Around Me Who Don't See What I See

Many people don't understand and don't see all effort I'm putting into trading. I sacrificed time, money, relationships, free time, and everything to make this work. Nobody sees it yet, Nobody sees what I see. I'm alone! I was always alone like on a deserted island. Real life is just noise to me. Deep inside I know what I want, even if it takes all my energy. The proof is on the way! Proof that I can be more and give back much more to the people around me.

You don't see me, because I'm hiding... I'm alone and training my mind for the ultimate, so my soul will soar like a comet! I'm the one who is up all night while you are asleep and living your life as it was programmed to be! You obey the rules and fade away into the greyness. Memories will fade as well, and time will consume you and all of us! But I'm going to fight and break through until my last breath. 

People are insincere! People will talk dirty s**t behind your back! People believe gossip more than facts! 

I don't care about them anymore, I have a much more important purpose now, and I know God will guide me through.

A change is coming! Mark my words! All you haters can have your moment now, but the change will come! And I will remember! But don't worry I will still smile into your face.

I keep on working now, you just go to sleep and live your grey life!