Monday, April 3, 2023

The Way Ahead...

I know it has been quite some time since I posted, but here is the thing: I want to be transparent as I can be.

The causes that hold me back are many. Mostly life itself. I was dealing with health issues all this year starting right after the 2nd day of January, and I was in the hospital as well.

But, while I was laying in my hospital bed I was still eyeballing my charts as much as I could. I was learning still while pipes were sticking out of me and I was fed through a tube. My purpose was still clear though! 

I kept saying to myself: "There is no option B!"

And really... there is non! This is my only way! Why? - you may ask

Because I have made big mistakes in my life, very very big ones, and I want to rise again, not just financially but emotionally too.

Trading in the financial markets is an opportunity to print your paychecks! How awesome is that? But it takes a huge amount of learning time and energy-wise as well! 

I remember back in 2007 when I first encountered the Forex markets, I thought a trading robot will make me rich LOL 😅 How stupid was I? OMG! 😵

There are no shortcuts to success, not in any kind of aspect of life. If I want to be a successful and constantly profitable trader, I have no choice but to go over everything through the learning curve.


Back to the main point and reason why I'm posting this:

If I look at the brief "game plan", my best option to raise capital is to go with a funding company (as many other traders do nowadays). Let's be honest, nobody would be able to change their life by trading only a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

I have blown several funded challenges already. I even had a funded account that was blown in one week. I was greedy. I was overtrading and heavily overleveraging, just as many other struggling traders do in the industry.

I came to the realization that my biggest obstacle is not having enough discipline. In more detail, that means, I wanted to take every setup, every trade I could. I was forcing setups that were not even there in the first place. They were not A+ setups, and with a clear mind, I only want to focus on the best high-probability trades.

Have to exercise discipline... So I'll try to stream sometimes on an unregular basis, and I want to focus more on logging and analyzing my trades, mostly the ones I lose. I have already journaled my trades and from now on I'm going to write my thoughts for the day or the week. Need to keep on track with my everything.

This is it for now... 

To be continued. I have some more still to tell... and I might need some help or inspiration... I'll get to that later.