Sunday, May 5, 2024

How this year is going so far...

These past few weeks have been very tough for me with trading. When I started streaming my goal was to prove to myself and anyone who starting out trading with prop firms that taking small steps, and risking very small on a trade can show a slow but steady way to get to the payouts on a funded account.

I gained a lot of experience and a lot of information through YouTube and very grateful for all the support from everyone.

I made a huge mistake back in March when I blew multiple evaluation accounts, and this has put me back quite a bit with my plans for the year. I just simply can't let myself make the same mistakes again as before which is mostly overtrading and revenge trading. After reviewing a lot of my trades and mostly the blown accounts, I had to realize, that I still have a huge trouble managing emotions. I can go full tilt in just a few seconds and am willing to risk the whole account just to get that win. Why am I writing down all this? Becasue I'm sure and confident enough to say that I'm okay with my entry model, and I do have an edge against the markets. So I'm not changing anything major in my strategy, maybe just some finetuning but that's all.

But the emotions... Those are sometimes hard. It's even harder to cover those emotions during the live streams, takes an extra toll on my energy and self-awareness to "act normal" after taking losses. One or two losses are okay, but having 4-5 losses in a row in a session is a huge red flag, and I should be stepping away at that point.

My trading plan was to reach a payout level by this month, but so far I'm only halfway there. Currently, I have several funded accounts with different prop firms, but completing an evaluation account and trading a funded account are two totally different ballgames. The magic is not the same on the funded accounts, and the pressure is much higher. But then I keep reminding myself that it's only in my head, I'm the one who is adding this extra pressure, I'm the one who is putting the funded account on a pedestal. 

I'm behind my plan, but not so much. My realistic expectation is that I should be reaching payout levels on at least one or two funded accounts by the end of June. Yes, June. Going to trade micros, and going to continue with small steps.

Next to the funded accounts, I'm still going to take new Eval accounts, and I'm thinking of scalping more. By scalping, I mean going for 10-15 points and not holding positions longer than 20-30 minutes AND I'll continue with 30s timeframe for some time. Going to risk more on these accounts for sure.

I would like to thank again for everyone for the support, and let this be our best month! I wish all of you to reach your goals! See you in the live streams! 🙏🖖

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