Thursday, August 24, 2023

I took a short brake but I'm already back 💪🖖

Alright, so I know I have been away for quite some time from live trading on YouTube but I had my reasons. All I can tell is that I took a step towards Futures trading and so far I think I made a good choice. I've been trading with Top Step for a while and I already achieved a funded account and doing my following new challenges. It's really true that I was saying doing the livestreams that putting my trades live does put extra pressure on me and as soon as I got to the point where I fell into immersion my focus and my trades got better.

So here is the conclusion after trading futures instead of Forex pairs: first of all let me tell you that trading on a different platform than Metatrader ( currently Ninja Trader)  I must say that it's like sitting into a much better vehicle.  I have experienced much better trading executions and basically no slippage and no spread issues.  This allowed me to trade on the lower time frames such as the 1-minute chart and I could finally dive into deeper all the concepts that I was learning from ICT. 

I know there's still a long way ahead and trading is a constant learning curve I guess until the end of our lives,  but I'm still very confident that I think I made the better choice for trading the NASDAQ and the S&P. I remember that once ICT said that the futures market is a gentleman's market and I think I can start to feel why he was saying that. In futures the levels are much more respected than in Forex and you won't get that much manipulation with the price on your platform. 

On the other hand, I'm still thinking about continuing the YouTube streams I just need to work out a schedule that I can maintain. 

Speaking of futures trading, there is one big conclusion I have noticed if I can maintain the discipline of trading only a maximum number of two micro positions (on MNQ or MES)  it's so much easier and so much less stressful to trade these markets because all we need is basically 80 or 100 points per week and if you're doing it with two micros that it's already helping you to achieve freedom and that's just the first step I'm going to be writing more about this on my Twitter and I'm gonna make a YouTube video about this as well.  That's it for now so don't worry The Show Must Go On. 

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