Pip Ninja Discord Membership

In this private membership, I share my personal journey and approach to trading the markets.

Discover the strategies, mindset, and techniques that I use to succeed in the dynamic world of online trading. Join me as I provide insights and motivation to help you forge your own path to success.


  • 👉Private backtesting sessions and live trading sessions (not streamed on my YouTube channel)

  • 👉Private Streams Only For Discord Members! Trading the New York session exclusively for members! (NQ;ES;Gold,GBP)

  • 👉My exact model for day trading is explained!📈📊

  • 👉Use my trades as signals ➡️ Live data from all my trades***

  • 👉Access my trade journal and follow up with the trades taken to keep up with a transparent track record
  • 👉One-On-One personal help through Discord to help build your strategy

...and more!

Monthly Membership is secured through Stripe

Lifetime Membership is also available

After the Subscription, you'll receive your personal invitation to the Discord server. If you do not receive your invite link in a few hours tops, please send me an email to tomsabobiz@gmail.com

Why I do subscriptions and ask for donations? - You may ask...

In short version: because I treat it as a business.

But here are a few bullet points:

Diversification: I can establish a second income stream that complements my trading activities. Diversifying my income sources reduces reliance solely on trading results, ensuring greater financial stability and resilience.

Stability in Volatile Markets: Trading, while exciting and potentially lucrative, can also be volatile and unpredictable. I can maintain stability during periods of market turbulence or drawdowns, allowing me to continue providing valuable content and insights without solely relying on trading profits.

Investment in Research and Development: Enables me to invest in continuous research and development efforts. This includes accessing advanced trading tools, educational resources, market analysis subscriptions, and attending relevant workshops or conferences. By expanding my knowledge and refining my skills, I can enhance my trading strategies and ultimately deliver better value to my audience.

Expanded Reach and Impact: Reach a wider audience and have a broader impact. With additional resources, I can invest in marketing, advertising, and content creation, allowing me to connect with more traders, share my expertise, and contribute to the trading community as a whole.

Quality Content and Personalized Support: I can dedicate more time and effort to creating high-quality content and providing personalized support to my subscribers. This includes live trading sessions, in-depth market analysis, one-on-one consultations, and exclusive educational materials. The additional income allows me to focus on delivering exceptional value and cater to the specific needs of my audience.

Sustainable Growth and Longevity: Building a sustainable trading career requires continuous growth and adaptation. Subscriptions and donations contribute to my long-term sustainability as a trader by providing the necessary resources to adapt to changing market conditions, seize new opportunities, and consistently deliver value to my subscribers.

By explaining these reasons to my viewers and visitors, I aim to emphasize that seeking subscriptions and donations is not just about financial gain but rather about creating a mutually beneficial relationship. It allows me to diversify my income, maintain stability, invest in improvement, expand reach, deliver quality content, and ensure long-term growth. Ultimately, it enables me to better serve my audience and contribute to their trading success.

You can also use direct donations

***DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a licensed financial advisor. The content shared on my channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. By documenting my trading journey, I aim to provide ideas and inspiration that may assist you in your own trading endeavors. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that all forms of trading and investing carry inherent risks. Your trading decisions and investments are solely your responsibility, and it is recommended to consult with a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions.

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