Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Starting Over From Scratch

I think it's no surprise that this is going to be my first post since I updated my website. But I had my reasons to start over. I wanted to start over from scratch because I struggled for the past few years. In trading, I had my ups and down periods but not really getting from point A to B.

So what I wanted to start is a new journey even if I have to start from the basics and one of the first steps for me to take is to leave all indicators behind which I used in trading, and only focus on the charts from now on and only pure price action. I don't want to sell anything, I don't want to be a fake guru, I just want to journal my steps (even if I fail sometimes) by moving forward.

I decided that I'm going to start with the ICT mentorship because this year that's the one that has the most influence over traders on the internet and I'm not going to lie: I'm very much intrigued by the results of what ICT is making in his Twitter posts so why not.

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